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Saferoom is a set of mobile and desktop apps to encrypt your data stored in cloud services while maintaining your productivity.


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Zero-Knowledge encryption

Saferoom follows the zero-knowledge principle of the encryption – your encryption password is known only to you. However, it also means there is no way to restore your password once it is lost or forgotten.

Saferoom supports 1Password and LastPass to facilitate the usage of the passwords. However, one should always be cautious with their encryption password.

To provide a possibility to share notes Saferoom also supports Manual password entry per note. This way you can encrypt any note and share it without revealing your main password.

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Productivity & Security

Being productive is one of the most important advantage today and staying secure is a must. By integrating into the clouds apps at the highest possible level is the ultimate target of Saferoom apps.

Saferoom does not change the type of the medium – Evernote note stays Evernote note, OneNote page looks like a OneNote page – encrypting only the parts necessary for protection. This way your notes and pages are visible in standard apps.

By using app extensions Saferoom allows you to encrypt files from other apps directly into Evernote/OneNote. This is particularly handy with scan apps .

Saferoom also is available as an Add-In for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel allowing users to encrypts parts of the content without changing the file format. And as a Google Chrome Extension to decrypt notes directly from web interface (Evernote Only).

Our Team


Ilia Zelenkin

Co-Founder, CEO

Alexey Zelenkin

Co-Founder, CTO

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